Three Wishes for Cinderella
Three Wishes for Cinderella

Three Wishes for Cinderella

  • Age limits 12+ 12+ Older than 12 years
  • Original name Tre nоtter til Askepott
  • Country Norway, Lithuania
  • Genre Fantasy, Family
  • Language Ukrainian
  • Starring Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Astrid S
  • Directed by Cecilie A. Mosli
  • Script Anna Bache-Wiig
  • Duration 1:27 / 87 min

Film description

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A Cinderella story in snow-heavy forests in her battle against the evil stepmother in her dream of meeting the handsome prince. A breathtaking ride, brilliant archery and a gorgeous castle ball.

Release 6 January

Film reviews

  • Гість Cinema Citi 17 January, 01:21

    Хороший фильм, смотреть можно, но Три Орешка для Золушки старый нами всеми любимый Чехословацкий, всё-таки лучше.