Real Santa
Real Santa

Real Santa

  • Age limits 0+ 0+ Without age limits
  • Original name Spravzhnii Santa
  • Country Ukraine
  • Genre Comedy, Romance
  • Language Ukrainian
  • Starring Bogdan Benyuk, Alexander Popov, Ksenia Mishina
  • Directed by Markiian Miroshnychenko
  • Script Marina Smelyanets, Valeria Guza
  • Duration 1:42 / 102 min

Film description

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A magical fairy tale that will bring a New Year's mood and give faith in miracles!
In the interweaving of five stories, the New Year's magician himself ceases to believe in miracles, because burdened with life and immersed in work, people completely forget about the holiday. He takes serious action and sells his suit to a simple guy who has long since lost his sense of «New Year's magic».
By leaving his position as a magician, Santa deprives people not only of a festive mood, but also of snow that could contribute to this. But contrary to his views on the hopelessness of the modern generation, people notice the changes and become the creators of a real New Year's miracle on their own.

Release 13 January

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