Kung Fu Mulan
Kung Fu Mulan

Kung Fu Mulan

  • Age limits 0+ 0+ Without age limits
  • Original name Mulan: Heng kong chu shi
  • Country China
  • Genre Animation
  • Language Ukrainian
  • Starring Danny Fehsenfeld, Vivian Lu
  • Directed by Leo Liao
  • Duration 1:38 / 98 min

Film description

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Disguising herself as a man to take her father's place, Mulan is a wild and rebellious soldier in the army. As a gifted swords-woman, she also dreams about going out and exploring the world. One day, she is sent on a mission and unexpectedly begins an exciting adventure where she discovers a conspiracy against her country. In the end, she comes to understand the true meaning of being a swordsman and makes herself a hero for her country, and also discovers her true self.

Release 23 September

Film reviews

  • ASV 24 September, 14:20

    Ужасная графика. Не интересный. Не советуем.