• Age limits 16+ 16+ Older than 16 years
  • Original name Gendelyk
  • Country Ukraine
  • Genre Comedy
  • Language Ukrainian
  • Starring Vladislav Nikityuk, Artemy Egorov
  • Directed by Taras Dudar
  • Script Alexander Stolyarov
  • Duration 1:41 / 101 min

Film description

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Due to the creative crisis, screenwriter Ivan Gerasimov does not submit the script of the film in time. The fee is spent, and the customer - a criminal authority - threatens to kill him. The screenwriter is forced to flee. He gets to various mysterious places. Eventually he finds himself in the cafe «Gendelyk», which is beyond time and space. In this cafe, Ivan meets strange and bizarre people who help him understand himself and understand that in order to have a future, you need to leave the burden of memories in the past.

We draw your attention to the fact that the Ukrainian version of this film is adapted for people with visual impairments and people with hearing impairments (use of these special features is carried out through mobile applications Earcatch, Subcatch).

Release 9 February

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