Doctor Sleep

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трилер, жахи


150 хвилин

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The sequel to the iconic movie "Radiance". Dan Torrens cannot forget the awful childhood days he spent at the Overlook Hotel. He has grown up, but still struggles with this injury. The real world is not always stable for him. However, even this shaky worldview is destroyed when he meets Abras, a brave teenage girl who also has a powerful extrasensory gift known as "radiance."

Abra found Dan because she felt he shared her power. She needs help against the dreaded Rose in the Cylinder and her followers of the True Node, who, in order to gain immortality, feed on the "radiance" of children.
Abrra's innocence and the power of her "radiance" make Dan find his own strength and face the ghosts of the past again. Dan and Abra are side by side in the battle against the True Node for life or death.

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